Liberalism’s Support: Stupidity, Ignorance & Evil

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*picks up the mic*

I witness with my own eyes every day the intrusion of more and more big federal government. I see its negative, very often devastating, effects on a multitude of individuals who must scramble to deal with it or lose everything they’ve worked for caused by some new regulation, new requirement, or new program.

I see it spreading through institutions, industries and businesses like a devious, poisonous, greedy web of exploitation. It is strangling our lives!

I could pick many issues and go everywhere with each one but before I pick one issue tonight I want to thank my “Liberal”/Democrat friends for your good intentions that have paved this path to hell.

I see you as one of the following THREE primary problems:
First – you could be just plain stupid.
Second – you could be ignorant.
Third – you could be just downright evil.

The FIRST problem is not fixable – if your IQ is low (i.e. a slack-jawed mouth-breather) then you are being a useful idiot for “Liberals”/Democrats who love gargantuan government. Please stop voting. PLEASE.

The SECOND problem, thankfully, is fixable but let’s be honest, rare. Once you’ve swallowed “Liberalism” from the crib to college through movies, music, sitcoms, education, news media, you’ve pretty much swallowed enough postmodern Kool-Aid to choke a donkey. The “Conservative”/Liberty-loving cure is strong herb and it just might be as useful as a frontal lobotomy. Nevertheless, on the slim chance you want to wake up from the seductive slumber of America’s slothful slide in the silly socialism, I’m here for you. If you choose to remain ignorant then you are straddling the line to…

…The THIRD problem that will not be fixed. If you have knowingly and willingly participated in inflicting the evil ideology of “Liberalism” and its countless freeloading and corrosive philosophies on this greatest nation on God’s green earth …then YOU are my enemy. And, unless you raise the white flag of surrender and volunteer to have your “liberal” software erased from your mind … I will be relentless. I have zero sympathy for you unless you repent.

Because YOU voted a man into the White House whose mentor was a card-carrying communist, my mother, who’s on a fixed limited income, will pay a $1,000.00 fine because of Obamacare (The ACA – “Affordable Care Act”) that she was FORCED to join because of YOU.

And that “Liberals” is just a tiny fraction of the distress, damage and devastation you have inflicted on this nation precisely because you are either STUPID, IGNORANT or EVIL! Or all THREE!

*drops the mic*

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My book Blood & Soul Debuts on Amazon Kindle Best Seller

I’m confident Blood & Soul deserved to be there, but I was honestly shocked to see it do so well with meager promotion on Friday. I’m not just talking. Here’s the screenshot to prove it.


It peaked at #5,379 11PM (7/11/2014) #50 in Fantasy #60 in Sword and Sorcery #67 BOOKS

It peaked at #5,379 11PM (7/11/2014) #50 in Fantasy #60 in Sword and Sorcery #67 BOOKS

Here’s a review from my editor:

This truly epic fantasy begins with action and never lets up. From humble, unassuming human emotions through world-changing, apocalyptic struggles, the heroes in this novel take a licking and keep on ticking. This story is a roller-coaster of strife and solutions, with insurmountable odds being toppled by perseverance and ingenuity.

Fans of the genre will love the fantastic world Bagby has created. The writing transcends genre fiction, facing issues relevant (and important) to all human experience. Masterfully unveiling the plot one revelation at a time, this author could keep anyone entertained for hours on end—a true storyteller.

I fell in love with the world and the writing. A thoroughly-considered setting goes a long way, and Bagby’s contains history, geography, politics, religions, commerce and culture—all diverse.

Once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down. The next book in this series can’t come fast enough.

Andrew Doty

No matter what, it’s time to get back to next book in the saga, which has been fully outlined.

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Blood & Soul is Live and Lethal on Amazon for $0.99

(please come to my website and join the tribe there.)

Today is the day! Buy Blood & Soul for $0.99. Thank you! If you wanna know more…keep reading.

Last night, blurry-eyed and exhausted, I uploaded the final edits to the First Edition of Blood & Soul on Kindle Direct Publishing for e-readers and CreateSpace for print readers. Blood & Soul has been in a preparation mode since I uploaded it about a month ago, without counting the 7-year, million-word brainstorm.

As a writer I’m at a loss for words and deeply moved by all the sacrifices good friends and colleagues have made to go the extra 100 miles in the last moments.

  • To my dad, who handed me that green notebook so long ago and told me to “Write somethin'” in his thick East Texas accent.
  • Dale Young, for building my fully operational killer website, creating the Mail Chimp system, for kicking me in the rear, and contributing many fertile marketing plans – I’d be lost without you bro!
  • Andrew Doty at Editwright and I played tennis with Blood & Soul for 9 months. We modified and tweaked, sharpening this story to get it as close to perfection as humanly possible – I drove him crazy this week before going official on Amazon at 12AM this morning. Happy editing, Andrew!
  • Kevin Eagan for the big proofread that eliminated the lion’s share of typos and errors that Andrew and I missed. We confirmed that Kevin has no Backstreet Boys music and thus got the deal to proofread.
  • Then Jim Wyatt stepped up and threw a long bomb touchdown pass in the last seconds of the 4th quarter to secure victory with one last profound proofread out the goodness his heart – he found the excepting/accepting error on page 33 and really tightened things up throughout. Nobody’s perfect and Jim was merciful.
  • Mark Skinner and Mike Griswold for the book cover and epic imagery in the book trailer – Mark truly was an inspiration. His inquiry about the book cover led to the sharpening of the story’s theme.
  • Patrick Runblad composed an incredible score for the book trailer that is jaw-dropping awesome.
  • To ALL my pre-release readers who trusted me enough to delve into the PDF and read with their e-readers, even though that must have been challenging.
  • To Wyndi Veigel editor at Farmersville Times and the Princeton Herald for reaching out to me at Charlie’s. I know you wondered about that dude in the corner with the laptop and headphones.
  • Last but not least Heather Grupido, owner of Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers (it’s not just burgers!), for letting me hang out for hours and work on this book.

I hope I’ve done you proud by writing Blood & Soul.

The Curtains Begin to Open: July 11

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July 11 is the DAY Blood & Soul will Publish

Join the growing tribe at the Official Website of Author Allen G. Bagby (signing up here on my blog won’t work. You must go to my website) and you’ll be rewarded with an awesome audiovisual delight – the book trailer to Blood & Soul. It’s a collaborative creation between me, my graphics designer and award-winning composer Patrick Rundblad. I’m ready to unleash the book on July 11, 2014. It’s the first book in the Creed of Kings Saga.  As a bonus you’ll also get a download of the epic map. There are more goodies to come. Don’t miss out.

My New Website

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Writing Rules Redeem

A few writers are gifted like Stephen King. They seem to have the instincts from the get-go, like a person born gifted with seemingly embedded musical talent. So when gifted people like that say there are no rules to storytelling, it seems valid to them and the folks seeking wisdom on how to be as good as King go looking for inspiration rather than perspiration. When King sits down and just writes, it’s not, of course, me just sitting down to write. I was born with a desire to tell stories and play guitar but not the inborn talent. I had to work on it and that’s my lot in life, to perspire and agonize and strive for excellence. I accept it. For me rules are the way. And I cling to quotes like this one attributed to Mozart, “Genius is only a great aptitude for patience.” But, with that said, even Stephen King and Mozart adhere to rules, King to the plot point and Mozart to the beat. No matter who writes the book or composes a symphony there is certain criteria that must be met or most people won’t care about the disjointed story or discordant notes. Rules redeem.

Blood & Soul on Audio

Blood & Soul – Will it be on audio? A couple of people have asked about this. The short answer is YES! I will make it available on audio…eventually. I’m not sure of the cost yet. Since my book is 430 pages it might be cost prohibitive for a while due to the hourly rate for voice talent. The “VOICE” is extremely important. When I listen to audio books I prefer a male voice with a British accent. And I hear Blood & Soul in that accent, although I consider my book a very American novel.



Blood & Soul in July

I’m publishing Blood & Soul in July through Amazon on Kindle and CreateSpace. After 90 days it will be published on all other popular e-readers such as NOOK and on iBooks. There’s a significant amount of work going on behind the scenes in preparation. Friday I received the finalBloodandSoulalonesplatter edits from my editor. 98.5% is done. There are two minor story lines that need to be wrapped up. Those additions will bechecked by my editor. I’ll also perfect the book summary for the back cover. The editor will create a pdf file and send it back to me. I will upload it to Amazon (but not publish) and order physical copies. I will mail a physical copy to a professional proofreader. It’ll be checked for text errors and look and feel. My editor and I will make corrections if needed. Then my editor will format a Kindle version of Blood & Soul and send it to me. I will upload both Kindle and CreateSpace versions. Pretty soon after that it will go live and glide into the clouds. God only knows if it will catch the wind or not amid thousands upon thousands of other books. I know I’ve written the best book I could write.

Blood & Soul – Back Cover Brainstorming

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