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As you can see down there over to the right, I had a goal. This is not a complaint or a pity party, just reality. Since becoming a full-time employee on Aug. 2nd, my writing time has been utterly demolished. My peak time, most creative time, is in the morning. from about 6AM to 1PM. I guess it’s…the coffee, the relaxed energy, yet coziness of those hours. The day feels new and blooming.

I’m trying to cope with the loss of that time slot and trying to reset my creative clock. So far it’s been brutal. I’ve accomplished NOTHING in the last three weeks after a great surge from April to mid July. Looks like I will need to reset my clock for 3:45PM to 9PM. I hate writing during that time. I’m quite dull by that time of day.
My goal is/was to finish the first complete installment/novel of the epic series by November. I don’t know how I’m going to do that given the monumental task of writing and the almost equally monumental task of marketing and artwork etc…the list seems endless of things unknown authors MUST do. So, I’ve kinda retreated a bit to gather my internal forces while I figure out another strategy.
It’s very costly for a writer to back off of the story when in the middle of it. Returning is like visiting long-lost friends or relatives. One has to reacquaint with the heroes and villains, plots and twists, scenes and themes, dialog and action. And, when spinning as many plates as I am in this story and life that is extremely challenging.
  CLICK the image below to see the sequence books I have planned for the saga.
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