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Blood & Soul Closer to Publishing

I’ve been staying away from facebook and blogging as I was days beyond the goal of finishing my project on Aug 31. Today, I crossed the finish line on the 7th draft. My first heroic fantasy, Blood & Soul, is complete!

It’s a standalone novel that launches an epic series I’ve dubbed, The Creed of Kings Saga. Technically you might say it’s in the can, meaning all the parts are there and in order. It needs buffing and finishing. That’s where my test readers come in. It’s like a concept airplane sitting in the hanger waiting for test pilots.
A lot of my friends and net-friends i.e. facebook friends, have been asking to read it. You’ll have to wait a little while longer. I’m taking a break for a couple of weeks to begin projects related to promoting my book: what you would call an author’s platform, which I already have the basic design in place.
When I return to Blood & Soul it will be to convert it to an e-book so I can cheaply distribute it to my “test pilots.” I’ll give those brave souls instructions at that time.
Then there is even more work for me! I can probably go public with the book by late Nov or Dec. But, I decided to wait until Jan of 2014.
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