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Blood & Soul Is Under the Microscope

Creed of Kings Saga BannerBandSsmallBlood & Soul downloaded to my editor Andrew Doty at Editwright ‘s computer about 29 days ago. He read the entire manuscript in 7 days. 160K words.

In the ensuing days it seemed I remembered every stupid sentence and silly turn. But, I had finally let it go. They say that’s what you gotta do.

He sent an email late that Friday night. I braced myself. He said it had all the typical problems. I slumped a bit then he told me my pacing was excellent, and even though it was one of the longest manuscripts he had ever read, everything that was in it needed to be there.

We talked on the phone tonight for about an hour and half. It was amazing to hear how my story affected another person. He is the only one who’s ever read it.

He’s an editor. He is used to the typos so he got to the meat of the story and asked great questions that I was able to clarify. Together we sorted out plans for the weaknesses. But he did say this, “Allen, this is a great manuscript.” In his email he said, “All those how-to books you’ve read have served you well.” He told me if I can get the word out, I will have a lot of readers.

So how do you all feel about helping me when I finally unleash this on the public?

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