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Blood & Soul Progress and Trailer Promo in the Works

Another week as passed and my editor has made lots of progress on Blood & Soul. Based on the conversations between us I’m glad I took this step. It’s been a valuable investment that I balked at initially. But, it’s been well worth the money. To think I almost decided to edit it myself! That’s performing surgery on yourself!

It’s been a grand experience having a professional go after it with a fine-toothed comb and give me his first, second and third impressions.

I have lots of little tweaks to fix – like mislabeling a bluff and spelling a character’s name different in the beginning of the book than at the end.

There’s big things like removing a character from a scene because I did not realize I had left him back in the city the hero had escaped from. LOL.

There’s some foreshadowing I need to place earlier so that an event at the midpoint will have more emotional impact.

I need to remove a scene from near the end and put it back in at the midpoint where I had it originally – basically, a plumbing and wiring job.

There’s a textual change that my editor is doing as he goes through the manuscript. You’ve seen where authors will put a character’s inner thoughts in italics, some do, some don’t. I did but then changed my mind. My editor thought it best to put the inner thoughts in italics. I agreed. It’s very tricky sometimes to figure out what are the character’s inner thoughts and what is simply narrative. He’s fixing that stuff, too.

I will have to devote a lot time to adjust things and get it just right.

Meanwhile, a teaser book trailer is in the works with some awesome original music from P. R. Music Productions (follow the link below and check out Patrick’s music). I hope have the trailer finished in early Jan. I’m working with Mark Skinner on the visuals and book cover.

Still hoping to publish Blood & Soul on multiple formats around Feb 2, 2014. When I do, I list all the ways that you can help me. P. S. I outlined the next book last week. It’s working title is “Out of Oblivion”. Yes … it’s EPIC!


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