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Liberalism’s Support: Stupidity, Ignorance & Evil

*picks up the mic*

I witness with my own eyes every day the intrusion of more and more big federal government. I see its negative, very often devastating, effects on a multitude of individuals who must scramble to deal with it or lose everything they’ve worked for caused by some new regulation, new requirement, or new program.

I see it spreading through institutions, industries and businesses like a devious, poisonous, greedy web of exploitation. It is strangling our lives!

I could pick many issues and go everywhere with each one but before I pick one issue tonight I want to thank my “Liberal”/Democrat friends for your good intentions that have paved this path to hell.

I see you as one of the following THREE primary problems:
First – you could be just plain stupid.
Second – you could be ignorant.
Third – you could be just downright evil.

The FIRST problem is not fixable – if your IQ is low (i.e. a slack-jawed mouth-breather) then you are being a useful idiot for “Liberals”/Democrats who love gargantuan government. Please stop voting. PLEASE.

The SECOND problem, thankfully, is fixable but let’s be honest, rare. Once you’ve swallowed “Liberalism” from the crib to college through movies, music, sitcoms, education, news media, you’ve pretty much swallowed enough postmodern Kool-Aid to choke a donkey. The “Conservative”/Liberty-loving cure is strong herb and it just might be as useful as a frontal lobotomy. Nevertheless, on the slim chance you want to wake up from the seductive slumber of America’s slothful slide in the silly socialism, I’m here for you. If you choose to remain ignorant then you are straddling the line to…

…The THIRD problem that will not be fixed. If you have knowingly and willingly participated in inflicting the evil ideology of “Liberalism” and its countless freeloading and corrosive philosophies on this greatest nation on God’s green earth …then YOU are my enemy. And, unless you raise the white flag of surrender and volunteer to have your “liberal” software erased from your mind … I will be relentless. I have zero sympathy for you unless you repent.

Because YOU voted a man into the White House whose mentor was a card-carrying communist, my mother, who’s on a fixed limited income, will pay a $1,000.00 fine because of Obamacare (The ACA – “Affordable Care Act”) that she was FORCED to join because of YOU.

And that “Liberals” is just a tiny fraction of the distress, damage and devastation you have inflicted on this nation precisely because you are either STUPID, IGNORANT or EVIL! Or all THREE!

*drops the mic*

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