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Blood & Soul on Audio

Blood & Soul – Will it be on audio? A couple of people have asked about this. The short answer is YES! I will make it available on audio…eventually. I’m not sure of the cost yet. Since my book is 430 pages it might be cost prohibitive for a while due to the hourly rate for voice talent. The “VOICE” is extremely important. When I listen to audio books I prefer a male voice with a British accent. And I hear Blood & Soul in that accent, although I consider my book a very American novel.




Blood & Soul in July

I’m publishing Blood & Soul in July through Amazon on Kindle and CreateSpace. After 90 days it will be published on all other popular e-readers such as NOOK and on iBooks. There’s a significant amount of work going on behind the scenes in preparation. Friday I received the finalBloodandSoulalonesplatter edits from my editor. 98.5% is done. There are two minor story lines that need to be wrapped up. Those additions will bechecked by my editor. I’ll also perfect the book summary for the back cover. The editor will create a pdf file and send it back to me. I will upload it to Amazon (but not publish) and order physical copies. I will mail a physical copy to a professional proofreader. It’ll be checked for text errors and look and feel. My editor and I will make corrections if needed. Then my editor will format a Kindle version of Blood & Soul and send it to me. I will upload both Kindle and CreateSpace versions. Pretty soon after that it will go live and glide into the clouds. God only knows if it will catch the wind or not amid thousands upon thousands of other books. I know I’ve written the best book I could write.

Pompeii Micro Movie Review

February 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Pompeii: Saw it last night. I love historical fiction set in the classical world or in a world before gun powder; Gladiator, 300, Troy or something like Lord of the Rings. I also pay to see these movies in the hopes gaining grist for the mill of my imagination relating to my book, if not through visuals at least imagining how people lived in ancient times. It’s a bonus when the movie is actually fair to good.pompeii-movie-promotional-poster-hdwallmov

Pompeii, although a joy to look at, was one of the cheesiest cliché riddle jokes I’ve ever watched. The story had potential but was so poorly executed it felt watching a football team apply a ridiculous game plan in great uniforms. Lines delivered throughout the movie are worthy of giggles though not the intention. Many of the action scenes are impossible or incredibly cheesy – a poor man’s Gladiator. I begrudgingly give this movie 2 Stars out of 5 because it was so nice to just look at.

I Write Like Tolkien

July 8, 2012 1 comment

The site determined that I write like Tolkien when I entered text from my book. Then I entered text from two blog entries. In one I wrote like Arthur C. Clarke and in the other I wrote like Dan Brown. The site probably keys on words rather than style. When writing fiction I strive for tight smooth narrative and snappy dialog, which is not Tolkien-ish, though it is heroic fantasy fiction with horses and swords. I try to be like David Gemmell. Because I had made-up names and horses in the fiction text it slotted me in Tolkien camp. In the creative prose piece, it labeled me Clarke and in the commentary on Picasso in labeled me Dan Brown.

A Hero’s Journey

June 29, 2012 4 comments

The Hero’s Journey is not built well on stereotypes. It excels on archetypes. Below I have listed the sequence of the hero’s transformation. These are recognized patterns in great stories. It is seen in everything from High Noon to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings.

  1. Discover the hero in his ordinary world, but hinting at the seeds of change.
  2. Call to adventure. The hero must do something. He has to undertake a challenge.
  3.  The hero usually refuses the call the first time for one reason or another.
  4. Refusal is overcome via advice from a mentor, which gives him the “magic”/information/wisdom that he needs… 
  5. …To cross the first threshold/challenge that brings him into a new world.
  6. In this new world, he will meet enemies and allies that will test and train him.
  7. He will begin to approach the secret, the inner most cave of the story.
  8. In that cave he will face his greatest fears and it may transform him or test him by some great ordeal.
  9. Then a reward or pay off for having endured the ordeal and faced his fears.
  10. Then there is the road back where he turns around commits to finishing the adventure with some new twists.
  11. The resurrection where the hero will be challenged once more on all the levels. The transformation is complete and the hero is redeemed.
  12. Comes back into the ordinary world with something he has learned, a new love, a new realization, a great story to tell.
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